YL&A Consultants

YL&A was founded in 1999. YL&A was formed based on the principal of providing excellence in Db2 consulting by following the mantra of 'thinking outside the box' to meet the ever-evolving needs of the industry. 'Db2 High Performance Design and Tuning' was written based on these guidelines for being able to adapt Db2 to meet the performance and availability needs of large-scale applications and databases. The associate consultants of YL&A also provide this same expertise and quality of service based on decades of experience and intimate knowledge of Db2 operating in large/complex environments.

Susan Lawson
Principal Consultant/Owner

Susan Lawson is an internationally recognized consultant and educator with a strong background in relational database system and database administration for 35 years. She works with several large clients to help design, develop, implement, and tune large and complex Db2 z/OS databases and applications. She also performs performance/availability audits and health checks for many clients to help reduce costs through proper performance tuning and to help ensure availability, stability and scalability. Most recently she has lead teams of experts in mainframe resiliency projects to perform architecture improvements for modernization/migration efforts of legacy data stores and applications. Her other activities include authoring books, articles, and white papers, and developing/teaching a variety of advanced database and application courses.

She is an IBM GOLD Consultant and an IBM Champion.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/slawsonyla

Jeff Lane
Associate Consultant Lane Consulting Group

Mr. Lane has been in IT for more than 39 years with more than 36 years in various Db2 capacities along with in-depth experience in mainframe infrastructure configuration, performance, tuning, capacity planning, resiliency, and IT management.

Mr. Lane specializes in Db2 for z/OS in large Db2 mainframe environments and confers on a regular basis with management and technicians from many Db2 sites both locally and around the nation on technical Db2 and z/OS related issues.

Mr. Lane is skilled in very large Db2 database (physical) designs, and application designs including traditional Batch, CICS/Db2, as well as multi-tier web-based architectures with MQ Series, WebSphere, and DDF. Extensive experience in Db2 (systems and applications) performance and tuning, system and application design, backup and recovery (including Db2 backup and recovery with XRC – now GDPS), Db2 DASD management (w/ SMS), and Db2 security integration with RACF, and Db2 data sharing.

Mr. Lane’s mainframe high-volume engineering experience includes architecture reviews for multi-tier applications, application and system performance measuring and tuning, application mainframe resource (CPU) forecasting and capacity planning.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jefflane2/