Do you want to improve the performance of your database? Do you want to get the maximum potential from your database? Are you staring at an SLA problem, or a potential system upgrade? Then YL&A is the solution for you.

Often applications are put into production and do not meet the performance expectations we know DB2 can deliver. The most common reason for this is lack of system performance tuning and poor application, SQL, or database design.

YL&A can provide you with a Performance Audit of your current DB2 subsystem and application. If we find a performance issue, we can help you determine the root of the issue and how to go about resolving it. We not only provide detailed reports on our audits but also show you how to perform the audit yourself. We have performed performance audits for some of the largest DB2 customers in the United States, as well as Europe. With each of these performance audits we draw on our vast real world practical experience to give each customer a simple and practical approach to solving their problem. In every single performance audit we’ve performed, we have delivered solutions that saved millions!

A YL&A performance audit, depending upon your needs, consists of a three to five day onsite visit by one or two consultants. The onsite visit is followed with a report detailing the performance issues, and making recommendations to resolve the performance issues. This includes, but is not limited to; system changes, installation parameter changes, DASD configuration changes, database design changes, SQL changes, and application program code changes. Enough detail is provided to allow your staff to perform the changes. While we are available to help you implement the changes, our goal is not to sell you more services. The goal is instead to give you exactly what you ask for…recommendations to save considerable money and meet performance objectives, and enough education for you to make the changes yourself. This gives us no ulterior motives! We don’t want to sell you anything else! We will tell you the truth and then we’ll go away.

We can do DB2 performance audits for DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for LUW implementations. In any situation, we can save you time and money. No long term contracts, no sales pitch, just a solution. References are available upon request, and most of them are familiar names that you are buying products and services from every day!

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